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ORG League Event #1 Oct 16th - Oct 30th

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  • ORG League Event #1 Oct 16th - Oct 30th

    The Poker.ORG site is back and we are going to run our first full sized league.

    Date: October 15th
    End Date: October 30th
    Events: 15 events
    Buy ins: $0-$7.70
    Tournament Prize Money: $4,500 total
    Leaderboard Prize Pool: $500 total
    Site: ACR


    Points will be awarded for top 5 finishing positions only:

    1st: 10 points
    2nd: 8 points
    3rd: 6 points
    4th: 4 points
    5th: 2 points

    Most points wins the following payouts (if there is a tie that position will be split evenly)

    1st Place: $200
    2nd Place: $125
    3rd Place: $75
    4th Place: $50
    5th Place: $50

    ALL players who want to take part in the leaderboard MUST comment in this thread with their ACR alias. This must be added before event 15 to be eligible for leaderboard payout.

    Full League Standings can be found and will be updated here:


    Freerolls: Will be paid out in the prizepool when the tournament ends as normals.
    Added cash (buy in events): Buy ins will be paid out as normal and added cash will be credited within 72 hours. Paid out as follows:

    1st: $100
    2nd: $60
    3rd: $40
    4th: $35
    5th: $25
    6th: $20
    7th: $15
    8th: $5

    All players are eligible and welcome to play the events, however only users who have a Poker.ORG account and comment with their ACR name here will receive leaderboard payouts.


    Create your ACR account here: (as mentioned to keep these games running and the new Poker.ORG alive we would appreciate it if our members tried to sign up their families/friends using this link).


    All events can be found on ACR under Tourney > Private.

    Passwords: Each password will be announced in this thread on the morning of each event. This is to stop freerollers as much as possible.


    So who is ready to play ?

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    I'm. Ready. Acr name is madjekman. Hope this is beginning of many to come, including team leagues. Wish there could be other ways to help support site .I and everyone I know has had acr accounts for a while. Looking forward to this and will try to pass word when I play live, maybe some players there that don't play online much.


    • vvaves
      vvaves commented
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      I am ready! My ACR name is vvaves

    • Brauner
      Brauner commented
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      my name on ACR is Brauner and im all in for this leaderboard.
      Need the points and payoof please and Thank u

    • Keith4245
      Keith4245 commented
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      I would like to play across name keith4245

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    I will play. Nickname ARC xturistx


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      emk4976 on acr. woot glad to see the league back up. I`ll spread the word on facebook. good luck to everybody who plays.


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        edc1 -on acr looking forward to league play


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          ACR name KKmrpokerKK also THANKS NewGuyORG for these tournys
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            Nice! I'm in. My name on ACR is cdub512


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              I’m in BCP username is TinCup AA


              • PokerVike
                PokerVike commented
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                If you are BCP and do NOT have an ACR account yet, THIS IS A PERFECT SPOT! USE THE LINK BY OUR ADMIN TO SIGN UP WITH ACR. The whole idea of somebody being able to support a forum of any kind is dependent on new accounts signing up through them.

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              I'm ready. username AlexBucheron/


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                hopefully i will be able to play in them all! my screen name is: tracyrickrobby123


                • honey007
                  honey007 commented
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                  tracy i need your help please help me

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                  ACR name is bryan24doy see you at the weekend games....


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                    Click image for larger version

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                    • machinesavage123
                      machinesavage123 commented
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                      please can you tell me the password

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                    Do these events excite everyone?


                    • PokerVike
                      PokerVike commented
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                      Looks perfect! Gives everybody a fair chance to gain some freeroll bucks to play in the micro/low events also. Thanks for keeping the structure and point payout simple. I know a lot of people want 4-6 people putting in 80 hour weeks so they can shove (or worse call) with KJo in the first level of a freeroll. Truth is, we all need to grease the wheel a bit and take advantage of being able to form a poker community again.

                    • PokerBricxjo
                      PokerBricxjo commented
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                      I am excited to see the schedule. I am glad I saw this in time to be in from the beginning!
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                    ACR - Chachi54


                    • dallasroad
                      dallasroad commented
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                      i am playing as cardercarder nickname at ACR

                    • JopyJoost
                      JopyJoost commented
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                      My username on ACR is JopyJoost and I am ready to play. Providing I can find the password for Event 1. Good Luck All!!!

                    • heetty
                      heetty commented
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                      pass?neekname heetty