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Win Your Seat To The $5M GTD VENOM - ORG LEAGUE

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  • Win Your Seat To The $5M GTD VENOM - ORG LEAGUE

    I see we have got your attention with the title and yes that's right we are giving away a $2650 Ticket to the ACR $5,000,000 VENOM which runs July 17th 2019.

    This is your chance to play in one of online pokers biggest ever events and become a millionaire.

    How do you do it? Play in this league and run good.

    Leaderboard Prizes:

    1st. VENOM Ticket
    2nd. $215 Ticket
    3rd. $109 Ticket

    Date: April 1st - April 30th
    Events: 30
    Time: All run 19:00ET with 60 mins late reg.
    Format: All are NLHE Full Ring
    Buy In: $1 per event.

    Points System:

    1st: 10
    2nd: 9
    3rd: 8
    4th: 7
    5th: 6
    6th: 5
    7th: 4
    8th: 3
    9th: 2
    10th: 1

    Leaderboard: Our incredible MOD PokerBricxjo will run this and link in below.

    Tournaments and Passwords:
    Tournament Name Password
    ORG Venom League #1 GAME1
    ORG Venom League #2 VENOM2
    ORG Venom League #3 ACRV3
    ORG Venom League #4 LEAGUE4
    ORG Venom League #5 LEAGUE4
    ORG Venom League #6 VENOM6
    ORG Venom League #7 7VENOM
    ORG Venom League #8 BIG8
    ORG Venom League #9 ACR9
    ORG Venom League #10 VENOMTIME10
    ORG Venom League #11 11TIMES
    ORG Venom League #12 ORG12
    ORG Venom League #13 13ORG
    ORG Venom League #14 ACR14
    ORG Venom League #15 15VENOM
    ORG Venom League #16 WINNER16
    ORG Venom League #17 17ACR
    ORG Venom League #18 GOTIME18
    ORG Venom League #19 USAPOKER19
    ORG Venom League #20 202020
    ORG Venom League #21 MILLION21
    ORG Venom League #22 22ACR
    ORG Venom League #23 JORDAN23
    ORG Venom League #24 ACRVENOM24
    ORG Venom League #25 25TIME
    ORG Venom League #26 VENOM26
    ORG Venom League #27 ORGLEAGUE27
    ORG Venom League #28 MILLION28
    ORG Venom League #29 RUNGOOD29
    ORG Venom League #30 ACES30
    How To Enter?

    1. You must be a Poker.ORG member
    2. You must post your screen name in this thread (just once)

    Don't have an account? Create your ACR account here:

    Good Luck
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    Here is a running list of all that have signed up for this event:
    Org Name ACR Name
    87GoodTimes 87GoodTimes
    95Hiker 95Hiker
    ABJoker14 ABJoker14
    AcesInSpades AcesInSpades
    actiondan4 actiondan4
    AliQOD AliQOD
    artsh77 Artsh77
    BenjiSnoopy BenjiSnoopy
    BlackWidow20 BlackWidow20
    boom247 damnthtsweet
    bryan24 bryan24doy
    Btchlneedthat Btchlneedthat
    buddhead buddhead
    BulDawg STownLowDown
    Chachi54 Chachi54
    Chicopaw YBluffJu3TFold
    ChingSu ChingSu
    chronicough chronic.cough
    cruisinman cruisinman
    dayjahvue dayjahvue2
    ddg373 ddg373
    Delenia Delenia
    disorder64 disorder64
    DominateUNC DominateUNC
    Drid985 Grinder985
    Dthunder Thunderkitty
    dunner steve22055
    elwood elwooddr
    emk4976 emk4976
    frikydiky4 frikydiky4
    Funseeker WoofWooof
    gaspi urzana
    geamos geamos
    GinaRFR Gina821
    goaldriversv goaldriversv
    imdabest101 imdabest101
    indianwizard indianwizard
    islandtime21 islandtime21
    jfgeking jfgeking
    jjcorrado jjcorrado87
    John_3_16 John_3_16
    kamonra Kamonra
    KEVINM98765 IJustWin03
    komala999 ROBOT223
    Leprekahn VOTF
    madisonsdad1 madisonsdad1
    mental-atack edc1
    Mikehab23 Checkit23
    MileHighBull MileHighBull
    MiryAlbania MirY
    MTCash MTCashman
    Ninejuanjuan Ninejuanjuan
    nojoke0310 nojoke0310
    ovfranklin chipnazi
    pkrkings pkrkings
    PokerBricxjo Bricxjo
    Pokersavvy Pokersavvy
    potfan42o potfan42o
    QuickQuestionNow YendorAllin
    raddeckel raddeckel
    rmick rmick
    Robert Stover iCASHout4US
    Rose Dawson Rose Dawson
    royalflush122096 royalflush122096
    SamoanGravy94 SamoanGravy94
    shaazy712 shaazy712
    shaunisradd shaunisradd
    Sheepdog TwinPeaches
    shoover996 MTHummer111
    Sighlence Sighlence
    SloPowers2 SloPowers2
    SobewanKenob SobewanKenob
    SouthparkSith SouthparkSith
    ThatGirl956 ThatGirl916
    The_Artist3 The_Artist3
    tracyrickrob tracyrickrobby123
    turist xturistx
    Two Face Mr. Fixit
    Uglyside38 Uglyside38
    uscJustin06 uscJustin06
    vegasbound10 vegasbound10
    winger55 winger55
    wiser_man wiser_man
    yardbird yardbird
    yunyi yunyi
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    Good luck to you,
    If you are looking for the password, it is in the first post of this thread

    Anyone needing an ACR account please support the forum by creating one here:


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      Here is the running leaderboard points for everyone who has signed up:
      ACR Name Points
      vegasbound10 97
      madisonsdad1 84
      MTHummer111 82
      imdabest101 78
      chipnazi 75
      Delenia 63
      urzana 63
      jjcorrado87 54
      STownLowDown 53
      VOTF 51
      shaazy712 48
      elwooddr 43
      Bricxjo 41
      Mr. Fixit 41
      chronic.cough 39
      goaldriversv 39
      YendorAllin 38
      JimboAAkimbo 30
      IJustWin03 28
      TwinPeaches 28
      steve22055 27
      cruisinman 26
      tracyrickrobby123 26
      The_Artist3 25
      xturistx 25
      MileHighBull 24
      emk4976 22
      disorder64 20
      islandtime21 19
      ABJoker14 18
      SobewanKenob 18
      actiondan4 17
      potfan42o 16
      AcesInSpades 15
      geamos 15
      BenjiSnoopy 13
      raddeckel 13
      Rose Dawson 12
      yunyi 8
      BlackWidow20 7
      Btchlneedthat 7
      Thunderkitty 6
      nojoke0310 5
      wiser_man 5
      AliQOD 3
      bryan24doy 3
      YBluffJu3TFold 3
      Checkit23 2
      MTCashman 2
      DominateUNC 1
      SloPowers2 1
      winger55 1
      Also Proshill has never registered in this thread, but had 68 points!
      Last edited by PokerBricxjo; 05-03-2019, 12:10 AM. Reason: Final results posted
      Good luck to you,
      If you are looking for the password, it is in the first post of this thread

      Anyone needing an ACR account please support the forum by creating one here:


      • #4
        acr name -edc1


        • PokerBricxjo
          PokerBricxjo commented
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          Good to see you Ed, good luck!

      • #5
        acr screen name elwooddr


        • #6
          ACR screen name: KKmrpokerKK


          • #7
            ACR SN is steve22055


            • PokerBricxjo
              PokerBricxjo commented
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              Nice to see you Steve, good luck in the games. You will be tough competition.

          • #8
            Nick: jfgeking thanks!


            • #9
              ACR SN IS vegasbound10


              • PokerBricxjo
                PokerBricxjo commented
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                Hey vegasbound10, nice to see you again.

              • vegasbound10
                vegasbound10 commented
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                Thanks Brian. This looks like a really fun time.

            • #10
              ACR name is imdabest101


              • #11
                ACR nickname urzana


                • #12
                  Very cool opportunity, thank you Poker.Org. My username is MTCashman


                  • PokerBricxjo
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                    Good luck in the games buddy.

                  • MTCash
                    MTCash commented
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                    Thanks Bricxjo, you too!

                • #13
                  Great promo! My username in ACR is : ROBOT223


                  • #14
                    ACR xturistx


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