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ORG League Event #2 Nov 12th - 21st

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    Pokersavvy on ACR, Thank You!


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      just regged for first 3 looking forward to series already


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        Another great series, thank you Poker.Org! My ACR username is MTCashman


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          ACR name is Delenia


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            ACR name Killerrr


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              ACR name is whatagas72 Let's GOOOOOO!


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                Originally posted by NewGuyORG View Post
                Ready for some more?

                ACR are being awesome yet again and chucking $3,000 in free cash your way this month. So time to study up, get your grind station setup and be ready to print some well needed $$$ for the holiday period.

                Start Date: Nov 12th
                End Date: Nov 21st
                Added Cash To MTTs: $2500
                Leaderboard Cash Prize: $500
                Sign up link:

                As all of the events are buy ins I will post the password to all below (NOW) in this OP. Then you can get regged at your leisure and always know where to look.

                To participate: Please post your ACR table name in this thread. You will not get paid out if you do not.

                Leaderboard Info


                1st Place: 10
                2nd Place: 8
                3rd Place: 6
                4th Place: 4
                5th Place: 2


                1st Place: $200
                2nd Place: $125
                3rd Place: $75
                4th Place :$50
                5th Place: $50



                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 1
                Time: 18:30 EST
                Date: November 12th
                Buy in: $1
                Password: NOV1ORG
                Prizepool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 2
                Time: 18:30 EST
                Date: November 13th
                Buy in: $2
                Password: OOPSNO2
                Prizepool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 3
                Time: 18:30EST
                Date: November 14th
                Buy in: $3
                Password: ORGTHREE
                Prizepool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 4
                Time: 18:30EST
                Date: November 15th
                Buy in: $4
                Password: 4DAYSOFORG
                Prizepoool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 5
                Time: 18:30EST
                Date: November 16th
                Buy in: $5
                Password: HIGHFIVEACR
                Prizepool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 6
                Time: 18:30EST
                Date: November 17th
                Buy in: $6
                Password: ACR6ORG
                Prizepool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 7
                Time: 18:30EST
                Date: November 18th
                Buy in: $7
                Password: LUCKY7ACR
                Prizepool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 8
                Time: 18:30EST
                Date: November 19th
                Buy in: $8
                Password: 8BALLORG
                Prizepool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 9
                Time: 18:30EST
                Date: November 20th
                Buy in: $9
                Password: ORGACRDREAM
                Prizepool: $0

                Name: Poker.ORG League Event 10
                Time: 18:30EST
                Date: November 21st
                Buy in: $10
                Password: BLACK10ORG
                Prizepool: $0


                Ready to play? Reply with your ACR table name now.
                fab432 is acr table name


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                  fab432 is my acr table name


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                    Screenname is TheCol41


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                      WoofWooof on ACR .. GL to all... some buy-ins are too rich for me but see how far I get.. so no worries, I won't be a big contender


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                        ACR name KKmrpokerKK and THANKS for these tournys with added cash.


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                          I believe all events are now in the lobby if you would like to look!


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                            ACR name is WSOP_n_2020. Can't wait to see you all at the tables. I put all the tourneys in my calendar, glad to see no FREEROLLS!!

                            "You can't play the next hand if you don't have any money."


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                              ACR is KEVIN MARTIN BBCAN


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                                ACR: SemkinL. Поиграю.
                                Леонид Сёмкин.