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    fab432 and I like poker


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      at age 72, playing poker online seems to be the most enjoyable thing to do these days, do play some hearts and cribbage everyday.


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        Hey my name is JJ Corrado and I'm very happy to be here! I am 31 years old from the Chicago NW burbs, an ACR stormer and a content creator/host on twitch ( I would love it if you guys would come say hello and hang out some time in my chat. I've been working hard on my game the last few months and have recent been signed up with Upswing Poker as an affiliate and am working through the Winning Poker Tournaments class by Nick Petrangelo. It is an amazing and very very in depth class and I've always thought i was an above average player, but my lord I have a lot to learn LOL. I've been playing since about 2005 and have recently decided to come out of retirement to play basically full time so I can stay at home with my daughter more. I used to Co-host a poker radio show on Ustream a few years ago called Short Stacked radio/ fifth street radio with Mark Hoke. When I'm not playing online or at the casino OR chasing around my beautiful daughter you can find me at the golf course for as long as day light/ fatherhood will allow me. Like I said before I hope to see you guys hit the follow button on my twitch account so that you can know when I go live, I'm trying my best to make my way to becoming a partner on twitch and your viewership would greatly help. I stream most nights so pretty easy to find me and I also host a bunch of other streamers on there so I have content running most of the time! If you have any other questions for me about twitch or signing up for an Upswing class I'd be happy to help!

        Thanks guys and good luck!
        JJ Corrado (


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          Seems like a good group of people from what I see! Name is Todd from Pennsylvania. Been playing poker for over 20 years. Started out at the Taj Mahal playing 3/6 limit lol. Was a pretty regular grinder in the early days of Party Poker and Poker Stars but since black Friday haven't played online much. Looking forward to Poker Stars coming back to Pennsylvania in the next couple months! So ill be back on the weekend grind for sure. Hope everyone is having a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!