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ACR Rigged???

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  • ACR Rigged???

    Something has to be going on I have lost approx 15 90%+ on river in the past few days, not to mention all the set up flops. I took 2nd place in a 3K guar than this streak happens..

    Ran it to $15 to $580 and now broke even dropping levels down levels. Yes I understand that they happen but this often is to much. It is always to players that are 50/15 or worse. That tells me that ACR wants the bad players to win to keep the rake flowing.

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    First I would like to ask a couple of questions before responding.
    1. How long have you been online poker gaming?
    2. Do you adhere to strict BRM and apply it to the site in which you are gaming on?


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      Bankroll management and avoiding the need to shove all the time. Live poker tournament just last month, I had Trip A on the flop with pocket A. I folded with 2 players in the pot on the river with a flush draw on the table. Both players had flushed. It is not online poker that is rigged. Any 2 cards can win in the game of poker. Only guaranteed win is when you have the best possible hand.