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Is poker a sport?

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  • Is poker a sport?

    Is poker a sport?

    Israel seems to think so.

    Comment below and tell us what you think.

    here to read the full article.

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    noun: sport; plural noun: sports
    1. 1.
      an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

    It's a sport. The key point is the use of the term SKILL in the definition. Is Poker a game of Skill? (Sport), or Chance? (Gambling) The debate here in the United States has gone on forever and continues to this day, with the majority rule favoring on the side of "CHANCE". A game of chance my ass. LOL.

    In a game of chance there would be no correlation in the winnings of players across successive periods, whereas there would be in a game of skill. The key question is whether one element dominates the other. The reasoning is simple enough: if chance dominates skill then poker is a game of chance, and if skill dominates chance then poker is a game of skill. Thousands of studies have been done all pointing to the same conclusion, that poker can’t be a game of pure chance.

    That's why Pro's are Pro's, Amateurs are Developing Pro's, and Beginners are Donkeys. Chris Moneymaker (WSOP Champion 2003) was once quoted saying, "The beautiful thing about poker is everybody thinks they can play." And he is right. 4.8 Billion Dollars Annually can't be wrong. And they track ALL THOSE HANDS. The same Top 10% of Pro Players were consistently winning those hands. EVERYBODY thinks they can play. And Play Good. I used to when I first started, and everytime I sat and played with Pro's I would get skinned alive.

    I can fish > but I'm not a Pro Fisherman; and
    I can golf > but I'm not a Pro Golfer

    Yet, I can enter tournaments in this country for both. Entry Fee's and all!



    "You can't play the next hand if you don't have any money."